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Turkey Marinades, Chicken Marinades and Beef Marinades > French Onion Grill Marinade - 16 oz:  Cajun Injector’s French onion grill marinade gives roasts and wild game meat a wonderful flavor in just minutes. We’ve used Cajun Injector’s French onion grill marinade on venison steaks. The results were fantastic! It’s perfect for use on the grill or in the oven. The density of this marinade is perfect for injecting your favorite poultry, beef or wild game. While cooking, basting with this marinade makes meats burst with wonderful french onion grill flavor.

Size: 16 ounces.
Fat free!

French Onion Grill Marinade - 16 oz

What’s Cajun Injector’s story? Cajun Injector’s owners, Chefs Edgar and Maurice Williams, opened a famous Louisiana restaurant called the Front Porch Restaurant in 1977. Their Cajun cooking attracted guests from all over the world, earning Restaurant of the Year honors and numerous other awards in competitions around the country.

That’s their secret? Cajun Injector’s Cajun marinades include carefully selected seasonings and spices. When you inject your meat using Cajun Injector’s marinades, they impart a rich flavor in just five minutes. Today, years of experience and that special Louisiana spirit for good living is found in all Cajun Injector’s Injectable Marinades.

Shipping:  Please allow one - two weeks for delivery.

French Onion Grill Marinade - 16 oz

Item #:  TFBR-22174.02046


 Price:  $5.00

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