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LP Regulators > 30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit: 

30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit:  The 30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit will work with most of your turkey fryer jet burners (the ones with the singe or double pipe) and turkey fryer burners with a 3 inch faced element (like the BG10 element). If you do find that the 30 PSI fryer LP regulator produces too much power, you can turn it down using the needle valve. A great way to judge this is if your flame blows itself out. However, if your turkey fryer burner can handle this fryer LP regulator, you will see that it will produce the best boiling / frying flame ever!

30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit


  • 48 inch high pressure stainless hose
  • 30 PSI preset regulator
  • Brass control valve
  • 3/8 inch flare swivel fitting
  • Shipping:  Please allow one - two weeks for delivery.

    If you need a 30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit shipped sooner, please e-mail for availability. We do offer upgrades on shipping. Please include your day time phone number and e-mail address.

    30 PSI Fryer LP Regulator Kit

    Item #:  BC 5HPR30

    Store Price: $46.00

     Our Price:  $32.00







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