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Single Propane Burners > Tall High Pressure Propane Patio Stove:  Bayou Classic’s Tall High Pressure Propane Burner is a perfect propane burner for use with cast iron Dutch ovens, fry pots and other smaller pots.

  • Dimensions: 21" H x 14" D

  • High Pressure

  • 55,000 BTUs

  • 21” Tall Welded Steel Frame

  • 14” Diameter Cooking Surface

  • UL-Listed 30” Hose / Regulator / Valve Assembly

Tall High Pressure Propane Patio Stove

Bayou Classic's Tall High Pressure Propane Burners are designed for strength, function and safety while remaining the most efficient outdoor propane burners sold. Safety features on Bayou Classic’s Tall High Pressure Propane Burners allow for consumers to use with absolute confidence. This propane burner is the number one choice for people who live in the windy, northern states due to the built-in windscreen. The windscreen protects your flame, which adds strength and heat.

Bayou Classic High Pressure Burners are the traditional and reliable choice for outdoor cooking. These outdoor propane burners are portable and can be used for camping, rv’s, tailgating and backyard parties. With a one-piece welded steel frame, these are the strongest cookers commercially made. Most units can be used with or without slide-on extension legs.

Shipping:  Please allow one - two weeks for delivery.

Tall High Pressure Propane Patio Stove

Item #:  TFBC-SP-50


 Price:  $70.00

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